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Shenzhen JREPower Tech Co., Ltd.
Hauptprodukte:Golf wagen batterie/Schiffs batterie/Gabelstapler batterie/Wechsel richter und Ladegerät/BMS
Years in industry(9)ODM services availableMulti-Language capability: Total trading staff (10)

Marine and RV Battery
Sodium Ion Battery
ABS case Lead acid replacement battery pack
Professional Battery Cell
Shenzhen JRE Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and is located in Yingzhan Industrial Zone, Shenzhen. In the first 8 years of its establishment, after reconciling with the outdoors, the company already has innovative national invention patents and intellectual property rights.  Exclusive use rights, technical decomposition of equipment and cutting-edge development team.  The existing 3,000 square meters factory and office area, with advanced modern production lines and equipment, focus on the integrated production and sales of batteries and related products. The main products have a wide range of applications, and can be used for special electric vehicles, including pure electric airport tractors, electric mining trucks, electric forklifts, etc.; it can also provide power lithium for various applications such as low-speed vehicles, electric vehicles, and submarines. In addition, it is also applicable  In the battery construction of urban recovery, end recovery systems and supporting mobile user equipment and other fields. We are the most professional batteries manufacturer and trade enterprise.Win-Win Cooperation!